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Thursday 22/02/2018

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Wednesday 21/02/2018

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Today I did not go to school, I fell asleep. I woke up around 9:00 O´clock. I woke up with a headached so I didn't want to do anything but sleep. Around 12:00 O´clock I was washing my laundry, coocking some jelly and after that, I started playing videogames all the day. Nothing happened around the day, but my friends came to my house at night and we went to use some fireworks that were left over. After that, I took my clean clothes of the clothesline and finally, I started listening to music.

Tuesday 20/02/2018

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Today I woke up late, so I didn't washed my dish or clean my bed or put my clothes on their place. So my mom got angry all the way to the school. "You are very lazy, you never do anything of what I say." Bla bla bla. Just one mistke on all the month and I am "lazy" and I "don't do anything of what she say." Meh. I know what I´m doing. In the school I fell and hurt my wrist. Back on home, I was reading and sleeping before water the garden. 

Monday 19/02/2018

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Well, my headache does not stop. Since I woke up, It has not stopped. But nah, as always, it doesn't matter. The school everytime is more and more bored, All the teachers arrived late, all of them. I don't really care but I have to say it. I was talking a lot with one of my friends. Today I didn't play basketball. After school, we went to McDonalds to eat someting and talk. After that, I walked to my house. When I was about to arrive, my mom appeared with her car. She was going to pay the tuition, so, she took me back to school to pay it and then, she took me back to home. She said that she will leave for a while. I started playing the drums louder than usual. I was kind of stressed. I was singing while playing the drums, also, louder. I don't know what happened to me. I had a lot of weird feelings inside trying to get out.

When I finished playing the drums, my hands did not tremble anymore. So... yeah. My hands are trembling usually. I did my homework and tried to relax, this day was a bit heavy. I played a new game that I downloaded yesterday, named Fornite. It is fun. Finally I started watering the grass. I found a song of my favourite band; Linkin Park. I have never listened to all theirs "underground" songs. But this one is really nice and peaceful. It's called "She Couldn't." I'm listening to it while writing this.

Friday 16/02/2018

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Today I woke up with a strong headache, but ... nah, it does not matter. My friends wanted to leave today after school so I agreed. I asked my mom for the car and first I went to pick up Paco. He still does not bathe so I waited for him and taking advantage of what we were in his house, he lent me a comic book. 

After we went to pick up Emilio I drove to MaxFun. When we arrived, Mariana had arrived, whom I consider my best "feminine" friendship, so to speak. And as usual they started to tell me: "go with your girlfriend" and things like that. His intention was even more evident since we all went for "couples". Silvio / Dani, Paco / Sara, Emilio / Fer and Mariana / me. But neither she nor I bothered, it is customary to tell us that we would make a good couple and those things. We play in the "Laser Tag" and in the trampolines. We took a group photo and then Silvio and Dani left. We waited for them to come for Fer. And I took Emilio to his house. 

Paco, Mariana and I bought snacks and drinks to go to my house to talk for a while. It was an excellent way to end the night, in confidence. I took Paco to his house first and he made another joke about Mariana and me. Nothing new, I suppose. Then I took Mariana to her house while she showed me songs that she likes. Finally I drove to my house. There was not my mom or her boyfriend. I went to water the grass and I started listening to music while doing it.