Teenager's Life

Monday 12/02/2018

Today I went to school a little bit late, but nothing to worry about. After a bored schoolday I went to play basketball with my friend Paco and Juan Pablo. It was a good game but the day was just way to hot, so we stopped earlier than usual. Paco helped me to go back home.

In thet afternoon, I played the drums like one and a half hour. After that I started to read one of my favourite books, I already read it, but I like to always read some parts that are so cool (at least for me). My mom wasn't on home as usually, but I cooked some quesadillas and I ate a little piece of the jelly that was in the fridge since 5 days (I guess). There wasn't milk on the fridge so I went in my longboard to the shop to buy some. I started to have headache, maybe because I did not sleep well yesterday, however, I just listened to music for a few minutes and the pain eased. Then I started to play videogames with one of my friends online. We were playing Overwatch till 8:30 o´clock (kind of) to finally start doing my homework. It wasn´t difficult. I washed my school shirt and I started watering the grass.


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