Teenager's Life

Tuesday 13/02/2018

Today I went out with my friends to walk and explore a little in the hills that are behind the subdivision. We left around 8:20 at night and came back around 9:40. We carry flashlights, cookies and warm clothes. Basically we went to hang out and talk. It is supposed that today I should upload a video but for some reason it is not uploaded, so I decided to upload a photo of us at the top of the hill. Besides that, I did not do much; In the morning I went to school (without breakfast, by the way) and when the classes ended it was too hot to play basketball, so everyone went home. Paco took me to mine. When I arrived I was going to make quesadillas again but my mom came to the house (it does not happen very often) and she told me to go out to eat. We went to eat wings and hamburgers. After that, I went to the hill with my friends. My mom lent me the car to take Emilio and Paco to theirs house and finally, I had cereal and a sweet bread.


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